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Alma Soprano PLATINUM series 2018 Bank Repo. Triple Frequency 755/810/1064

Alma Soprano PLATINUM series 2018, in absolutely new condition. The system is a bank repossession. The laser has triple Frequency 755/810/1064 hand piece, every single accessory from new purchase. The system has just been fully checked and serviced by Alma and is in basically new condition. The system is patient ready, and ready ready for immediate sale.



Candela V-Beam 2013, perfect condition. All hand pieces, good dye kit, and patient ready.

Candela V-Beam 2013, in absolutely perfect condition. Comes with all accessories, all hand pieces, fiber, delivery system, on-board cryogen system, foot pedal, interlock, manuals, treatment guides and keys. Good dye kit, and patient ready.

We also service all Candela products, call with questions regarding this machine, or service on any current Candela you have. We can help with anything.


Cutera XEO fully refurbished 2018, Navigational, W/ Yag, LimeLight, Titan, & Pearl

Cutera XEO fully refurbished 2018, Navigational system, and comes with W/ Yag-1064, Laser Genesis, LimeLight, Titan-XL, AND also PEARL Fractional. This system is perfect, and a rare find with Pearl Fractional. The system comes with ALL the accessories, and will arrive patient ready.

We also service all Cutera products, hand pieces, and lasers.


Exilis ELITE, New Condition, with 120 Watt upgrade, and 2 hand pieces.

Exilis ELITE (2015), New Condition, and just fully serviced. This system is literally in new condition and comes with all the accessories from the new purchase as well. Also comes with the 120 Watt upgrade, and both hand pieces. This is a really nice, clean system, and an excellent buy. Comes with warranty, all shipping arranged by seller as well.

We also service all BTL products as well, at half the price of BTL. Call with questions about this machine or service on your current system. We accept trades also.


Lutronic Spectra, Q-Switched laser System. Full refurbished 2018, and patient ready.

Lutronic Spectra, Q-Switched laser System. Super high quality, and very effective Q-Switched laser system. System was 100k new, and well cared for. Comes with articulating arm, all hand pieces, and all accessories. Fully refurbished 2018, and patient ready.

Call for more details or to make offers. 2 in stock.


Sciton BBLS, Fully Refurbished 2018, BBL, ST-2, constant movement & all upgrades

Sciton BBLS, this system is fully Refurbished in 2018. System comes with BBL hand piece, all standard filters, 420 filter as well, and THREE ST-2 filters. And constant movement & all upgrades. The system has zero pulses, and upgraded by Sciton tech. Comes with all accessories: Foot pedal, inter-lock, manual, power cord, treatment guides, and 1-Year parts & Labor depot warranty.

We also repair and service all Sciton products, feel free to call for details about the system or for service estimates or questions.


Sciton Joule, fully refurbished 2018, Pro-Frac, 1064, BBL, ST2, Loaded. Like new.

Sciton Joule, fully refurbished 2018. This system literally will arrive like new, and patient ready. Zero pulses and fully up to spec and refurbished inside and out. All accessories, filters, scanners, chiller, manuals, treatment guides, and even goggles included. This system has on it: Pro-Fractional, micro-Laser peel, TRL, Dual 1064’s with scanners, BBL all filters, and 420, and ST2 with three ST filters as well., Loaded. Like new. Warranty even included. Call anytime for details and offers.

We also service all Sciton products, so feel free to call for service issues, and/or estimates.

syneron emax

Syneron E-Max just fully serviced, and patient ready. Comes with DSL, ST, & SR.

Syneron E-Max just fully serviced, and patient ready. The system comes with DSL, ST, & SR hand pieces. Additional hand pieces can also be added. The system comes with all the necessary accessories, including treatment guides, manuals, and goggles. We have 5 in stock.

We also service ALL Syneron hand pieces and products. We beat any competitors prices, and we get the jobs done fast. Call anytime with questions regarding this system, or with service questions or jobs to estimate. Anything Syneron, WE DO IT!