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Palomar Star-Lux 300 Series w/ 3 hand pieces. Lux-G, Lux, Rs, Lux-Y, custom cart & accessories.

Palomar Star-Lux 300 Series, comes w/ 3 hand pieces. Lux-G, Lux, Rs, and Lux-Y. Also includes custom cart, foot pedal, manual, treatment guides, interlock, keys, and goggles. Comes patient ready. This system is FULLY refurbished in 2018, and even comes with a 1-Year warranty, parts & labor, depot service & accessories.

We also service aLL Palomar products, including base units, hand pieces, power supplies, fractional hand pieces and basically ANYTHING Palomar, we do it, well, and fast. Call for detaisl regarding the system or and service questions you may have.